Games / Apps Development Services

AR/VR Development

Creative Distrix has geared up to  produce futuristic games that cater to those who want a completely immersive experience that shuts reality. AR/VR games has the number one priority on our plans.

AI Development

For those of you who want to play intelligent games, we have begun incorporating AI in our character design and game environments so the players can experience a smart gameplay which is very close to reality.

3D/2D Games

Creative Distrix especially focuses on these games from different genres like Puzzle Games, Role Playing, Arcade, Action, Battle Royale. Creative Distrix has a list of top games from all these genres for Google Store and Apple Store.

Apps Development

Creative Distrix has an in-house team from designers to developers and testers who are specialized in Unity 3D, Android and iOS platforms respectively.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games have a popular demand amongst gaming groups so we make sure we have great options for those who want to play on a shared platform with their friends. We like to have something for everyone in our menu!

Design Services

2D Games Design

2D game design is becoming popular again because of its minimalistic feel and flat design which does not overwhelm the player with unnecessary graphic details. So explore the true meaning of Zen in our 2D games!

UI/UX Design

A good UI and UX design is key to an attractive app design. Our design team at Creative Distrix makes sure to incorporate all latest interface elements in our apps so that we maintain a modern and sleek outlook of our products. 

3D Games Design

3D game design has always been our favorite because that is where we can explode our creative juices. From 3D animations to realistic design and graphics, we make sure to design a fulfilling experience for our players.

Character Animation

An interesting character with whom the players can relate is a total win for the company. We make sure to do our homework and give depth to our game characters. But only a good animation can bring these characters to life. Our in-house animators come forward with realistic animations which is what makes our games a great play!

Apps Design

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